HSC Marathon Calculator

This little tool helps you to calculate your score for the annual "Marathon" of the Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club (HSC).

Check out the HSC Website for more information (including current member lists, etc.).

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Year: 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019

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HSC Marathon Claimed Scores 2019

After submitting your log above, you can optionally enter your callsign and publish your score on this list.
Note: All scores shown here are unchecked and based on untrusted user input. Only the scores approved by the HSC Marathon manager are official.

PlaceCallsignScoreLast Update160m80m60m40m30m20m17m15m12m10m6m2m+
1DJ1YFK7012019-11-03 19:45:514720361225358961651400
2DL4CF4452019-07-23 14:08:52881282010626211811630
3DK1WI4372019-10-23 19:34:5651133471044340653410
4DM2DZM3692019-07-31 07:34:0911186191291013000100
5DD7CW3532019-11-03 19:44:0091340136261080300
6DL3AZ3202019-11-06 19:52:20229613125438781600
7DL5DBY2942019-11-03 18:39:2736119388437020401
8F6JOE2372019-03-24 17:36:01
9PA0JLS2152019-02-20 13:16:31
10PJ4LS2102019-02-20 13:31:45
11SQ9S2042019-11-03 18:19:45000143538190800
12G4ILW1802019-05-13 14:04:19
13DK9HE1472019-09-01 14:37:01349133119110411203
14DL8LBK1412019-02-20 16:47:53
15F6EEQ302019-10-21 09:50:300180920010000
16IK0NOJ272019-05-21 09:06:39

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